Friday, February 27, 2009

What is This All About???

I've never been one of those people who has it all together. I've been disorganized since I was a little kid. With every stage of life I think maybe I'll change. Like when I went to college and had my own dorm room. Or my own apartment. Or my office at work. Or my first house to own. But now I've been married for 7 years, have 2 kids and I still haven't changed!

It's not just that I have a messy house. My car is a mess. I don't plan meals ahead of time. I don't "schedule" time for my kids to do learning activities at home. I'm terrible with a budget. So many times I just feel incompetent and wonder why I can't be like those other people who DO have it all together. My family deserves better!

Now, in my defense, I do realize that I have some good qualities. I do have a crafty gene (thanks Mom!). I'm laid back and don't get upset when my kids make a mess. I'm a great friend. I love to be going and doing things - a lot of times for other people.

I've been really convicted lately to use my good qualities to improve my not so good ones. Thus, the quote at the top of my blog - "Embracing my imperfections and making them beautiful."

I've found so many great blogs out there in the blogosphere that have fabulous tips, advice, tutorials, etc. Decorating, scheduling, teaching, and crafting are the ones that have drawn most of my attention. So I thought, hey, what better way to become more accountable to be better than to be a part of this blog-mania! More than anything I'd love to post my questions, needs and areas of weakness and get helpful hints. I would also love to share the things I have found to work for me.

I'd love for YOU to check my blog every now and then and give me your opinon, advice, etc. Thank you for visiting! And be sure to come back soon because I'm going to celebrate my new blog with a GIVEAWAY!!! Think monograms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Hi Amanda! thanks for letting me know about your new adventure, I'm so excited to be your first commenter!!
This is a fabulous idea for a new blog, I will be a frequent visitor, especially since your dropped the "M" word (monograms, of course!)

Jennifer said...

Fun! I'm just trying to get the house clean again before Colby arrives. Maybe that will help me get more organized too! We'll see.

(I want something monogrammed!!)